‘Heirloom Preservation Bag’



Product Description


Each Bag is made of 100% unbleached muslin which allows fabric to breathe while protecting the Christening or other special occasion set from dust, dirt, light and chemical contamination. Wide overlapped button closure for full protection. (no oil from a zipper) Included with each bag is a fully covered muslin padded hanger. This bag enables the customer to access and enjoy the Christening or Special Occasion Set set for years to come without breaking the preservation seal used by many dry cleaners. Accessories may be stored in the bottom of the bag.

Available in two sizes: 
(46cm wide x 66cm long) Boys length heirloom bag.
(46cm wide x 96.5cm long) Girls length heirloom bag.




Additional information


66cm (Boys Length), 96.5cm (Girls Length)


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